Local Food Forum 2019: Breakout Session Topics

Morning and Afternoon Breakout Session Schedules will be announced soon!

1) Remaking the Food System: Policy and Advocacy In Indiana

Policy is the foundation upon which all of our work is built and we can all have a hand in shaping policy to meet our needs. Please join us for a discussion that will cover the Farm Bill, examples of policy work from our neighbors in Ohio, and insight from advocates working on the local, state, and national levels.

2) Urban Agriculture as Economic Development: A Growing Conversation

An interactive discussion focusing on current and future Urban Agriculture projects with a panel of local growers, producers, and entrepreneurs.

3) Lessons Learned from Community Gardens

Community gardens have the potential to beautifully facilitate community engagement; but, it is not all smiling faces and plump tomatoes. Community garden management includes mountains, plateaus, and valleys and anticipating them can help one maneuver, or altogether avoid, possible catastrophic conflicts. Join us to glean knowledge and insight from a panel of experienced community garden organizers as they share their lessons learned from community gardens.  

4) Selling Local Food: Laws & Regulations

The laws and regulations covering the sale of local food products can be confusing to understand and navigate whether you are a new home-based vendor or selling wholesale. Join us to review a new resource guide on what you need to now, followed by Q&A with regional experts.

5) Plan to Eat Local Every Day

Learn methods and set goals to stock your cupboards with local foods by growing or purchasing in quantity. Then plan to can, freeze, dehydrate, or cellar the bounty and eat local year-round.  

6) Regenerative Agriculture

How do we grow food such that our agriculture leaves the world better than how we found it? How do we nourish communities in the soil, on the farm, and in our neighborhoods? What vital roles do animals play in agriculture?  Come and see!

7) Introduction to Food Justice

Food justice is the recognition of human rights, fair treatment, and equal opportunity within the food system. We will introduce this important subject and discuss how food justice goes beyond equal access to healthy food to changing systemic structures that lead to food insecurity and environmental degradation.

8) Food and Agriculture Entrepreneurship: Value-Chain Opportunities

Join us for an interactive explanation and discussion of local food system value-chains as we explore our local assets and opportunities.