Our Action Plan

Northeast Indiana enjoys a rich and diverse agricultural heritage. Today, our residents have a growing interest in knowing where their food comes from, and in supporting local farms.  We’re working to seize this opportunity to strengthen our local food culture and deliver more food from our land to our tables.

The Northeast Indiana Local Food Network strives: 

  • To promote collaboration that will allow more of the foods we love to be produced right here in Northeast Indiana

  • To help local consumers and visitors discover where they can buy local food or enjoy it in a local restaurant

  • To increase consumer appreciation for the positive impact of local food purchases on our quality of place & regional economy

  • To strengthen community ties by linking farmers to markets and supporters, through shared connections to local food

  • To make our region known for its delicious and bountiful local food

The Northeast Indiana Local Food Network endeavors to be a vital information link and community partner connecting producers, processors, distributors, buyers, investors and eaters across our region. Together, we’ll savor the pleasure of local food — from our land to our tables. 

Learning & Listening Tour

  • Build relationships with stakeholders across Northeast Indiana

  • Gather data on local food economy

  • Collect engaging local food stories

  • Lay the groundwork for other initiatives

Entrepreneur Support

  • Collaborate with community partners

  • Provide training, coaching and mentoring

  • Focus on business planning, grant writing, direct marketing, transition to wholesale markets, and food safety

  • Promote investment through regional Local Food Pitch Fest

Community Engagement & Education


  • Leverage social media, website, e-mail newsletter, and local media

  • Share local food stories

  • Engage residents and visitors

  • Strengthen connections among local growers, producers, restaurants, retailers, and eaters

Event partnerships

  • Sponsor and participate in food events, festivals and community celebrations across Northeast Indiana

  • Highlight local ingredients

  • Promote awareness of our local food economy

Education & celebration

  • Produce workshops taught by local farmers and chefs

  • Facilitate networking through Meet & Eat event series

  • Educate, celebrate, and build community through regional Farm & Food Tours event series

  • Generate excitement about our local food culture with Farm to Table Celebratory Dinners event series


  • Create Local Food Guide (in print and online)

  • Offer an online Local Food Calendar

  • Provide opportunities for sponsorships and advertising



We feel that the work being done by the Local Food Network is imperative to creating healthy local foodways. These foodways serve as a conduit from the farm to the store to the customer, and will allow for the local ingredients that we are so proud of to be more readily available to all. This groundwork is essential to promoting local economic growth while also improving wellness.

— Caleb France, Owner, Cerulean Restaurants, Winona Lake & Indianapolis

photo courtesy Marshall King