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Northeast Indiana Local Food Calendar

Which farmers markets are open this Wednesday?
Is there a local farm we can visit with our kids next weekend? 

I heard there was a local craft beer tasting this weekend, where is it?
Our Local Food Calendar will keep you up to date on what’s new & where to go. 


Northeast Indiana Local Food Guide

Looking for a new spot to enjoy local food fare this weekend?
Wondering which local wineries grow their own grapes?
Curious about where to buy local honey or pasture-raised meats?

Local eaters, visitors, and food buyers will find what they are looking for in our annual Local Food Guide!


Local Food FAQ & Glossary

What is a CSA?
How does a hoop house help farmers grow crops earlier in the Spring?
When does blueberry season start in NE Indiana?

Learn about how your local food system works and the terms used to describe local food products and businesses.